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Hi, friends and welcome!! I'm Alyson Pray Ward, founder of Align Healing LLC and creator of the Align Method for optimal health and healing. I am excited and honored to share this transformational program with you.


I have spent the last ten years crafting and curating this one of a kind approach that facilitates deep healing, promotes balanced, thriving bodies and fulfilled, empowered souls. 

The Align Method fuses my love for movement and training as a professional ballet dancer, my expertise after twelve years in the fitness industry and my degree in Alternative Medicine. Most importantly, its fueled with my passion for service. A portion of all Align proceeds is donated to a community need each month.

If you are ready to make those big shifts, feel vibrant, alive and in the best shape of your life.... all while making a difference.. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!

Alyson Pray Ward, ALIGN Workouts



It's time to Align with the healthiest, happiest YOU!! During our three months together, you will integrate and embody the complete Align Method. I am sure that you are wondering exactly what this looks like. Here you go!


*Weekly private coaching sessions at my Flourtown location (or virtually if you prefer.)  

During these meetings, we explore your individual health goals. This is not a one size fits all program. The beauty of working one on one is that we are able to target exactly what you need. I give you the support to create transformational shifts in your life. You will receive educational and healing tools attuned to your specific desires. 

*Movement, and bringing awareness to your relationship with it, is a major component of this program. In addition to our private sessions, you will have access to all the AlignWorkouts virtual classes. Pop on LIVE or press play when it works for you. The workouts are designed to be done anywhere, anytime. 

*You will also receive access to me via phone, text or preferred method of communication with any questions along the way. 


*The final piece that makes the Align Method unique is SERVICE. A portion of all proceeds goes to meet a community need each month. In caring for you, you care for others, providing you with  deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

AlignMethod Mini

If you are not quite ready to dive into the full experience, but would like connect with me, I offer the AlignMethod Mini program. In our three sessions together we discuss your overall goals, touch on the ways that you feel stuck and why, and come up with an Aligned Action Plan to kick start your journey.

You will have access to AlignWokouts for one month as we flow through our time together, and a portion of your investment will honor our community outreach.



If you are just beginning your healing journey and want to get a sense for what Align is all about, AlignWorkouts is a great place to start!!! This is the movement portion of the program and will inspire you to make self care a priority.

I believe that exercise is powerful medicine.... not a form of punishment for what we eat or how our body is shaped. How many years have we dreaded going the gym, guilted or shamed ourselves into that spin class and then downed a box of cookies once the stress was over? How many times have we worked out to try and "fix" our body because we felt that it was not "thin" enough, toned enough.... "perfect" enough. Just me? It is time to heal these patterns friends. Leave those judgements and limiting beliefs at the door. This is your opportunity to get in the best shape of your life because you love yourself enough to invest in your health.


AlignWorkouts is about EMPOWERMENT and SERVICE. It's rooted in reconnecting to our bodies, healing our relationship with exercise and honoring our souls! In doing this for ourselves, we extend love to others. A portion of our memberships is donated to those in need each month. 

Classes are virtual and include Barre, Pilates, TotalBodyTone, Yoga, and Dance Fitness. They are designed to build balanced muscles, increase flexibility, stabilize the core and strengthen the entire body. 


AlignWorkouts is for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. We meet you where you are in your journey. This is all about YOU feeling your best, trusting the process and enjoying your classes!



Learn how to live your healthiest life and connect to your purpose! If you are beginning a health journey, or you want to deepen one that you are already on, this is the podcast for you!!





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"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of working together."