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Alyson is the founder of Align Healing LLC, creator of the Align Method for Optimal Health and the driving force behind AlignWorkouts.

Alyson danced professionally for 15 years with the Sarasota Ballet of Florida and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Her love of movement connected her with fitness, and she has been teaching Barre, Pilates, Flow and Kickboxing since 2010.


Alyson holds a degree in Alternative Medicine and is passionate about holistic health. She is trained in nutrition, mindfulness, and Reiki. She recently traveled to Sedona to deepen her knowledge of energetic healing and breathwork. It is Alyson's mission to help others thrive!




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Dr. Jerika Robinson Johnstone is the creator and founder of KA Kemetic Yoga. She holds a BA in Child-Development, an MA in International and Comparative Education from Columbia University and a PhD in Comparative and International Educational Development from the University of Minnesota.


Her heart has always been with the youth. Over time Dr. Jerika has stood on one leg with hundreds of young people from Kingston, Jamaica to Harare, Zimbabwe..


Dr. Jerika holds a specialized certification in Black Child and Youth Development from Yoga Skills School of Kemetic Yoga led by Master Instructor Yiser Ra Hotep.

Align is blessed to have her leading meditation and Kemetic yoga classes in our communtiy. Dr. Jerika also has a thriving tribe of her own!



Christine is a NASM certified group fitness instructor, nutrition coach, Barre Above and Barre Above Pilates trainer. (AFFA-GFI, NASM-CNC)

Christine's classes bring together the best of barre, Pilates, resistance training and aerobics. These classes will help you see improvements in posture, flexibility, overall strength and balance. Most importantly they are fun!!

No prior barre, Pilates or dance experience is necessary. (Christine is not a dancer!) We are here to have a good time, move to some great tunes, create friendships, and obtain body awareness.

When Chrisitne is not teaching, she is hanging out with her husband and their 2 dogs, Chicken and Schnapps!


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